Current Affairs Weekly Quiz 25 May to 31 May 2015

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz  25 May to 31 May 2015, Test your knowledge of the news with our weekly current affairs quiz.

1. The Committee on Direct Taxes matters headed by Justice ________ .
2. Digital Locker is one of the key initiatives under the _______ vision, which is aimed at eliminating the usage of physical documents.
3. Who appointed as Cabinet Secretary?
4. United Nations Peacekeeping Day celebrated on _________?
5. As part of Make in India, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely inaugurates Indigenous New Bank Note printing lines at Security Paper Mill in _________ .
6. 18 years after the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) recently withdraw from which state?
7. Complete Story of Indian Reforms: 2G, Power & Private Enterprise written by _______?
8. FIFA President Sepp Blatter won a _______, consecutive term at the helm of soccer’s top governing body .
9. Recently with which digital payments company State Bank of India entered into a strategic partnership to promote cross border trade for SBI Debit cardholders?
10. World No-Tobacco Day celebrated on _________?


1] Justice A.P. Shah, 2] Digital India, 3] Pradeep Kumar Sinha, 4] 29 May, 5] Hoshangabad, 6] Tripura, 7] Pradeep Baijal, 8] fifth, 9] PayPal, 10] 31 May.

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